Collection Highlights

Broadside/Poster Collection
W.D. Jordan Rare Books & Special Collections Poster Collections

Thousands of broadsides and posters covering a variety of topics and time periods.

A scan of an illustration within Vesalius' Anatomy. The illustration shows a wooden table covered in a variety of tools used for study of cadavers.
Bracken Health Sciences Library Vesalius' Anatomy Collection

A collection of full English translations of Vesalius' On the Fabric of the Human Body.

An older photo of the shore of Garden Island on Lake Ontario. Timber is visible along the shoreline.
W.D. Jordan Rare Books & Special Collections Garden Island Mechanical Institute

A collection of books donated from the former Garden Island Mechanics' Institute.

William R. Lederman Law Library Edmison Collection

The Edmison Collection is a collection of criminology and penology materials donated by John Alexander Edmison.

Education Library French Collection

The Education Library’s French Collection consists of French-language books at a variety of reading levels intended for K to 12 classroom use.

Partial topographic map of Kingston
Joseph S. Stauffer Library Topographic Map Collection
Joseph S. Stauffer Library Microlog, ProFile and Urban Canada Collections

Microlog is a collection of publications from Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments, non-government research institutions, professional associations, and special interest groups.

Marian Webb Botanical Collection
W.D. Jordan Rare Books & Special Collections Marian Webb Botanical Collection

The Marian Webb Botanical Collection includes publications pertaining to the study of botany, including rare herbals and books related to ethnobotany, medicinal botany, and the botanical arts.