Confidential Print: Africa 1834-1966

Also known as: Archives Direct, sources from the National Archives, UK

Access via: Adam Matthew Digital

Official British government correspondence concerning Africa from the Foreign Office and the Colonial Office between 1834 and 1966.

Material types include diplomatic dispatches, charts and tables, accounts of tours, profiles of major personalities, correspondence, maps, conference and meeting minutes, and texts of treaties.

From coastal trading in the early nineteenth century, through the Conference of Berlin of 1884 and the subsequent Scramble for Africa, to the abuses of the Congo Free State, fights against tropical disease, Italy's defeat by the Abyssinians, apartheid in South Africa and colonial moves towards independence, the documents in Confidential Print: Africa provide insight into the modern period of European colonization of the continent.

Access restricted to the Queen's community

Date Coverage

  • 1834-1966

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