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Also known as: Ulrichs | Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory | Bowker's ulrichsweb.com

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory provides detailed, comprehensive, and authoritative information on journals, magazines, newspapers, and other serials published throughout the world. The web version is popularly known as: ulrichsweb.com.

Content:   Covers all subjects and includes publications that are published regularly or irregularly and are circulated free of charge or by paid subscription, totalling nearly 230,000 titles from 80,000 publishers and corporate authors in over 200 countries around the world. Provided for each title are: descriptions, subject classifications and order information, as well as links to tables of contents, article abstracts, journal full-text, and document delivery sources.

Reasons to use: In addition to searching for bibliographic or publisher information about a serial title, one can use Ulrichs to find where a journal is indexed (in order to then use that tool as a means of searching for articles within the journal).

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