QSpace Non-Exclusive Deposit License Agreement

Authors who submit their work to QSpace retain the copyright to their work, unless they explicitly give it away to a third party. Queen's University Library does not seek or claim copyright on any of the works submitted to QSpace. For more information on copyright clearance for published work, click here.

In order for your work(s) to be distributed and preserved via QSpace, Queen's Resarch Repository, authors must agree to the terms of the Non-Exclusive Deposit License Agreement by selecting 'I Grant the License(s)' during the submission process in QSpace.

Non-Exclusive Deposit License Agreement

Queen's University maintains an open access digital repository called QSpace, for published and unpublished Works created and produced by members of the Queen's community.

This document constitutes permission to deposit, archive, preserve and make my submission (the "Work(s)") available in Queen's University's (the "University") digital repository, QSpace.

1. License Grant

By agreeing to the following License terms:

1.1 -- I (the author(s), copyright owner or agent) agree to the deposit of the Work(s) in Queen's University's (the "University") digital repository, QSpace (the "Repository") or any successor repository based at the University.

1.2 -- I grant to the University a non-exclusive, worldwide, perpetual and royalty-free license to use and reproduce the Work(s) in any medium or format for the purposes of archiving or preserving the Work(s) in the Repository and, subject to any agreed publication delay or embargo or restricted access, to make the Work(s) available for public access in the Repository under the terms of this License.

2. Submitter Warranties

I represent and warrant that:

2.1 -- I have the full power and authority to enter into this Agreement and am duly authorised by all rights holder(s) in the Work(s) to deposit or authorise the deposit of the Work(s) and grant the license in this Agreement;

2.2 -- the Work(s) is original Work(s) and does not infringe the intellectual property rights, including copyright, of any third party;

2.3 -- third party material included in the Work(s) is clearly identified and acknowledged and appropriate permissions have been secured; and

2.4 -- the grant of rights in this Agreement does not constitute a breach of any other agreement, publishing or otherwise, including any confidentiality or publication restriction provisions in sponsorship or collaboration agreements governing my research or Work(s) at the University or elsewhere;

2.5 -- I promise to inform any person or parties to whom I may hereafter assign or license my copyright in the Work(s) of the rights granted by me to Queen's University in this non-exclusive license.

3. University Rights

I agree that the University:

3.1 -- may translate the Work(s) into any medium or format for the purposes of security, archiving, preservation and migration of the Work(s) in the Repository;

3.2 -- may reproduce the Work(s) in an accessible format;

3.3 -- may apply metadata elements to the Work(s);

3.4 -- will exercise reasonable endeavours to preserve the physical integrity of the Work(s), but shall incur no liability for loss or damage to the Work(s);

3.5 -- will not be under any obligation to take legal action on behalf of the Work.s author(s) or other rights holders related to any intellectual property rights in the Work(s);

3.6 -- retains the right to remove the Work(s) from the Repository without notice for professional, administrative or legal reasons. Upon such an occurrence the metadata record indicating storage of the Work(s) in the Repository may remain visible in perpetuity.

4. Work(s) Author and/or Creator Rights

4.1 -- The copyright owner of the Work(s) maintains any copyrights and moral rights to the Work(s) as defined by the Copyright Act, unless they waive such rights

4.2 -- The copyright owner(s) of the Work(s) or delegate may, upon written request to the Repository, request to have the Work(s) removed from the repository. By granting this license, the copyright holder acknowledges that the metadata record for the item in the Repository may, at the discretion of repository staff remain visible to the public.

If you have questions regarding this license please contact us.

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