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“Energy and industry, with sobriety”: Emigrant Guides in Nineteenth-Century Canada

April 26 - July 2019

“Energy and industry, with sobriety,” were guarantors of successful pioneering life in Canada, insisted Canada’s most famous settler-guide author, Catherine Parr Traill, in 1857. She was also among the most sanguine, assuring a “position of substantial comfort” to even the poorest family, so long as these traits prevailed. Intended to educate those in Britain who were thinking about making a life for themselves in the new country, these guides covered all facets of settler life. Frequently, as in Parr Traill’s guide, they offered an intimate glimpse into the daily ritual of settler life. Others were broader in scope, discussing important issues such as climate, agriculture and general economics.

Curated by Kim Bell.

Gothic Fantasy

October – December, 2019

Children's Literature

April 2020

Curated by Dr. Brooke Cameron

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