Copyright & Teaching - Print Support Materials

This page outlines what print resources you can use in your teaching and how you can use these works to support teaching and learning. Additional information can be found in In the Classroom and On the Internet.

Print resources

  • Photocopied handouts (for use in class) of copyrighted materials (e.g., book chapters) that meet the guidelines set out in the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy (available for download on the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy web page). 
  • Books and textbooks for purchase or in the library collections.
  • An insubstantial portion of a work. 
  • Custom course packs through the Queen's Campus Bookstore or the AMS Publishing & Copy Centre. For more information, please see the Campus Bookstore and the AMS P&CC section of this page.
  • Works that are your creation and for which you own the copyright.
  • Copies of works whose copyright has expired (e.g., a Shakespeare Poem).
  • Copies of works that are publically available on the Internet, as long as the material was posted legitimately (by the or with the consent of the Copyright owner). there is no clearly visible notice prohibiting educational use of the content, and there is no technological protection measure preventing access or copying (e.g. a presentation on a website like Prezi, a video on YouTube), and you have acknowledged the author & website.
  • Copies of works that are not covered by copyright (e.g.,. ideas, facts and short word combinations like titles, names etc.).
  • Copies of works that are published under a licence that allows distribution (eg. Creative Commons). Examples of these types of licenses are available in Copyright & Teaching Resources.
  • Alternative format works for students with perceptual disability. For more information see Accessibility.
  • Copies of works placed on course reserve in the library that meet the guidelines set out in the Queen's Fair Dealing Policy. This only applies to copied (eg. photocopied) works. Books and original publications that are required can be placed on reserve. If you would like to put works on course reserve, please see our Course Reserves for Faculty and Instructors page.

If you wish to copy print works outside of these options, you can request permission from the copyright holder. Please refer to the Getting Copyright Permission page.

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