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Catherine Parr Traill, Jessie Roy and Annie Boyd - 19th Century Plant Collectors

Library Exhibit, August 2002

[handpainted flowers]

The W. D. Jordan Special Collections & Music Library, in collaboration with Dr. Adele Crowder, is pleased to present a remounting of last fall's exhibit relating to three early Canadian botanists - Catherine Parr Traill, Jessie Roy and Annie Boyd.

W.D. Jordan Library, Douglas Library


The display, compiled by Dr. Adele Crowder, Professor Emeritus and Curator of the The Fowler Herbarium, 1970-1991, consists of a range of materials:

  • books (including contemporary 19th century works on botany)
  • articles
  • photographs
  • plant specimens

Prof. Crowder has annotated the display items, outlining the history of the Fowler Herbarium at Queen's and the work of these three women, their role in furthering the study of botany in early Canada and their contributions to the literature.

[Cover of Canadian Ferns, Mosses & Wild-flowers]

Cover of Canadian Ferns, Mosses & Wild-flowers

Canadian Ferns, Mosses & Wild-flowers
The centrepiece of this display is one of our treasures. A scrapbook of dried plants collected, mounted, and annotated by Catherine Parr Traill in 1891 for her grandson, Hargrave H. Muchall. The specimens have since been remounted, inserted into transparent sleeves and stored in a custom-made case.

Canadian Wild Flowers
Painted and lithographed by Agnes Fitzgibbon, with botanical descriptions by Catherine Parr Traill (Montreal : J. Lovell, 1868). The illustrations in this first edition of 500 copies were all hand-painted by Catherine's niece, Agnes and three of her daughters. It could be called the first "coffee-table" book in Canada.

[Annie Boyd plant labels]

Annie Boyd plant labels

[Annie Boyd and Jessie Roy display]

Annie Boyd and Jessie Roy display

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