Code of Behaviour for Library Users

Queen’s University Library inspires learning, sparks creativity and builds community. Your Library provides you access to the global realm of information, scholarly resources, and assistance in navigating and using these intellectual resources. To ensure everyone is able to get the most out of all the Library has to offer, we ask that you please abide by all Library and University-wide polices, and observe the following conduct.   

Using your Library

When you enter our doors, virtual or physical, your actions are in keeping with the standards outlined in all Queen’s University and Library policies, including:

Consider Others

  • Please treat every individual in the library with courtesy, consideration and respect.
  • Contribute to a quiet atmosphere: silence devices and keep conversation to a minimum to avoid disturbing others. In collaborative spaces, including group study rooms, please speak quietly.
  • To ensure that the Library is a safe and welcoming space for all, please be prepared to show your identification to any member of University staff upon request.
  • Refrain from smoking in or near the libraries.
  • Children under the age of 14 should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Soliciting is not permitted in the Library.

Preserve Library Resources, Spaces and Facilities

  • Circulating resources may be removed from the Library once you have checked them out. If a member of staff believes that materials may have been improperly checked out, he or she may need to see the contents of your briefcase, knapsack or bag at the exit to check for library materials.
  • Please treat all books, journals, equipment and furniture with care to ensure they are not damaged or defaced.
  • Clear study spaces after you are finished with them to leave them tidy for the next user.


  • Fines and charges are imposed for overdue materials and for the replacement of lost or damaged Library materials.
  • Library users are barred from borrowing library books when they have substantial fines or charges outstanding.
  • At the discretion of Library staff, users may be asked to leave Library facilities if the users' behaviour is incompatible with University or Library policies.
  • At the discretion of the Library or University Administration, Library users may be banned from Library facilities for non-compliance with policies and established conditions of use of the Library resources, facilities and equipment.
  • Students cannot graduate or obtain transcripts if they have outstanding Library charges.


  • Sanctions imposed by Library staff can be appealed through discussion with the Vice-Provost and University Librarian, or the Associate University Librarians.

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Ask Us

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