Poster and Handout Policy

The fundamental goal of Queen's University Library is to stimulate the development of exceptional research and scholarship at Queen's University, and to facilitate the acquisition of lifelong inquiry skills for the betterment of a global society.

In order to support this goal within the broader residential context of the University, the Library strives to provide convenient, comfortable individual and group study space in a secure environment that is conducive to the scholarly needs of all members of the Queen's community.

As a heavily utilized campus facility, it is recognized that Stauffer Library is a particularly attractive location for the promotion of events and services offered by other groups within the community. In the spirit of community partnership and to facilitate the dissemination of information to library users, the Library supports the promotion of non-library events and services of direct interest to the Queen's community, provided that the promotions do not interfere with library operations and the scholarly environment of an academic library.

Promotional materials, including posters and handouts, may be displayed in designated locations in Stauffer Library, provided that the contents are appropriate for a public audience within the context of a scholarly community.

In the interest of the environment, the Library urges campus and community groups to consider non-paper promotion alternatives. The bulk of promotional paper materials strewn throughout the Library end up in recycle bins before being read. Please consider the environment when deciding printing volume and distribution strategy.

Guidelines for Distributing Handouts

  1. Campus and community groups are welcome to deposit promotional brochures, handouts and flyers in designated public brochure display cases.
  2. The Library is not responsible for the content of materials produced by other campus and community groups.
  3. The Library reserves the right to remove and dispose of expired materials, as well as materials deemed potentially offensive.
  4. Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be placed on study tables, carrels, stacks, or in any other location in the library or loggia (lobby) unless specifically designated as a public distribution point.
  5. Brochures, handouts and flyers may not be handed to patrons in the library without express prior authorization from Library Administration. Such authorization is only given in exceptional circumstances. The service or event being promoted must be of significant academic benefit or likely high interest to a large majority of library users.

Guidelines for Displaying Posters

  1. Stauffer Library maintains an enclosed public notice board in the loggia (lobby). Access to this notice board is open to:
    • Departments of Queen's University, faculty and staff associations and student societies or clubs;
    • Non-profit community organizations; and
    • Other groups at the discretion of Library Administration.
  2. Members of the Queen's or Kingston community may submit one (1) poster per event or promotional campaign to the drop box by Room 114 (located in the alcove to the left of the entry gate).
  3. Subject to the availability of display space, library staff will hang posters in a timely fashion (generally within 2 business days). In the event of space limitations, preference is given to posters expiring soonest. Every effort is made to ensure that posters are displayed before they expire.
  4. It is recommended that posters do not exceed 11x14 inches, as sufficient display space may not be available for larger posters.
  5. Open notice boards located within the library are reserved for Library and Learning Commons postings.
  6. Posters and other notices may not be affixed to walls, pillars, bathroom stalls, doors, windows or any other location not specifically designated for public display purposes.

Library Sign Holders

Posters and flyers may not be deposited in library sign holders. Unauthorised placement of non-library materials interferes with the library's ability to communicate operational information to library users. The removal of ill-fitting signs places additional administrative burden on the library and can result in damage to the sign holders. In accordance with the Queen's University Signage Policy, the sponsor of the unauthorized display material may be held responsible for the costs of removal. The Library reserves the right to levy an associated administrative fee of up to $100 in addition to costs incurred for removal, repair or replacement of signage as a result of unauthorized use of library sign holders.

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