Create Permanent Links to Online Articles

The Library subscribes to many databases that allow linking to full text articles. Instead of using the URL from your browser’s address bar, which may quickly expire, you should create a permanent link. This link will provide a stable and permanent URL to a specific journal article, which can be used in online courses, reading lists or bibliographies.

Locate Permanent Link in Article

Find the desired article or journal page and look for a permanent link which may be provided by the publisher.

Teaching & Learning Support

We invite you to meet your Liaison Librarian and discuss how the library can support your teaching, learning and research needs. Liaison Librarians can work with you to identify, purchase and collate resources and to provide support for the development of students’ research skills. Examples of this support are outlined here.

Teaching Support

We can help students to develop research skills for Undergraduate, Graduate, and Professional courses by:

The Queen's Fair Dealing Policy

Copying and communicating works pursuant to the Fair Dealing Policy fall within the fair dealing exception in theCopyright Act and therefore do not infringe copyright. There is no need to obtain the consent of the holder of copyright for those acts. The Fair Dealing Policy permits copying and communicating short excerpts of copyright-protected works by the university (including its faculty members) subject to certain safeguards to protect the interests of holders of copyright.

Group Study Rooms

When its time to study or collaborate as a group we have the space you need. Queen’s students, staff and faculty can reserve group study rooms.

Copyright & Author's Rights

Intellectual property is any form of knowledge or expression created with one’s intellect.

Copyright protects original artistic, literary, musical, or dramatic works, written materials and software, by preventing anyone from copying, publishing or broadcasting a work without the copyright owner’s permission.

Copyright exists as soon as the work is created and is often signaled by marking the work © (author’s name, year). Note: copyright does not protect ideas, but rather the expression of ideas.

Journal Hosting Service

Supported by the Library, Queen's Journal Hosting Service provides an immediate and efficient publication facility for Queen’s faculty and students who wish to publish an online journal, series or proceedings publication.