Queen’s University Library offers services, assistive technology and accessible spaces for students, faculty, and staff.  Queen's University Library is committed to an inclusive library community with accessible goods, services and facilities.

    Alternate format 

    As a student you may request course textbooks, readings and library materials in alternate format if you are registered with Queen’s Student Accessibility Services (QSAS) and your advisor has made a referral because of a documented print disability for alternate format as an accommodation.

    Requesting and finding captioned videos

    The library is committed to ensuring its media resources are accessible to persons who require captioning. The library will arrange closed captioning for videos in our collection.

    The Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC)

    Many of these resources are provided by the Adaptive Technology Centre (ATC), located in Stauffer Library, room 120. ATC staff are here to assist you with all your accessibility needs. Ask us in person or online by emailing us at:

    Adaptive Technology Lab, Stauffer Library

    The Adaptive Technology Lab, located in the Adaptive Technology Centre, provides specialized software, assistive devices, height adjustable computer workstations, study carrels, and laptop workspaces. 

    Within the Adaptive Technology Centre, a variety of seating arrangements are available for students registered with QSAS, including PC Windows workstations with specialized software, desks for quiet study, and a relaxation area.

    Students can access the two study rooms in the Adaptive Technology Centre by using the library’s Bookable Seats system.  

    Office of the Adaptive Technologist

    The office of the Adaptive Technologist, room 120F, is adjacent to the Adaptive Technology Lab. The Technologist is available by appointment or on a drop-in basis to assess your AT needs; demonstrate and provide training on AT devices, software and applications; customize your computer; or advise on the purchase of AT products.

    Specialized software and assistive devices

    The Adaptive Technology Lab provides workstations with specialized hardware and software, including:

    • Voice recognition software: Dragon NaturallySpeaking
    • Screen magnification software: ZoomText Magnifier/Reader
    • Screen reading software: JAWS
    • Text to speech software: Kurzweil 3000
    • Reading/writing software: Read&Write
    • Digital math software: Equatio
    • Mind mapping: Inspiration
    • OPTELEC Clearview CCTV
    • Large screen monitors
    • Height adjustable computer tables
    • Scanners

    All computers are networked to the ATC public colour printer. Students can print or copy from any of the ATC Lab workstations using a current Queen’s student card with funds loaded online via the Papercut portal. Note that all workstations have the standard Library computer image.  

    You can print or copy at most of our locations using our PrintQ system from your own device or by using our Computers.

    Other library services


    There are a limited number of lockers located in the Adaptive Technology Centre. Students interested in using ATC locker space should speak to the Adaptive Technologist at the beginning of each semester.

    Extended loans

    There are several options for renewing books, both online and in person. Requests for extended loan periods for books or reserve items are made through the Coordinator.

    Retrieving library materials

    For those who require assistance, Library Accessibility Services staff or Information Services staff will retrieve library materials from the library shelves upon request. Students must supply a list of titles with call numbers. Depending on timing and staff availability, retrieval may be immediate, or take up to 24 hours.

    Library locations & accessibility

    Adaptive technology (AT) is available in many library locations. Please consult each location for information about accessible facilities:

    Accessibility feedback 

    The Library recognizes that feedback is critical to the process of identifying and removing barriers to participation as well as improving how we deliver our services and provide facilities to persons with disabilities. Please email us at with any feedback. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how we are doing. Your feedback helps us to better identify barriers to accessibility.

    Accessibility statement

    Queen's University Library is committed to an inclusive library community with accessible goods, services and facilities that respect the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities.

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