You can print, scan, and copy at most of our locations using our PrintQ system, either from your own device or by using our Computers.

To print or copy, you will need to add credit to your account on the PaperCut portal. Log in with your Queen's NetID, then you can add credit using VISA, MasterCard, Visa Debit and Mastercard Debit.

Additional details

  • Any unused balance on your account, including when you leave Queen's or graduate can not be refunded.  
  • If you are not a current Queen's student, staff or faculty member, please ask us about how to print at the Information Services desk. 
  • Scanning to email is free for everyone.

To print from library computers

To print from your own device

  • Download and install the print drivers through your Papercut account or at the following link: PrintQ installer
  • Use the same printing instructions listed under library computer

Need help?

If you are having technical difficulty or trouble loading money through the payment gateway please visit the service desk. You can also ask Ask Us for help.

Helpful tips

  • Print jobs are sent from the software/app used for the document (i.e. Word, Excel Adobe Acrobat, Pages, Google Docs) 
  • When installing the print driver on a Mac, make sure you use your Queen’s Net ID and password to authenticate the driver (not your Apple ID). 
  • Always check your print settings prior to sending a job.  File adjustments at the printer are limited. MacBooks often default to 10 x 14 envelope size which will not print. Check that the print size is set for Letter (8 1/2 by 11). 
  • Some devices default to colour regardless of the document. Print jobs can be downgraded from colour to grayscale and changed from single sided to double sided at the printer but cannot be upscaled to colour or have the print size adjusted. 
  • Documents in OnQ or Google Drive may not print properly from the respective platform.  It is recommended that documents are downloaded to your device prior to printing.
  • Large PDF files sizes will take longer to print (or may not print at all).  Consider optimizing or compressing the document prior to printing.
  • Print jobs can be sent from any location or device and released from any of our machines with the PrintQ system installed. (You can send a job from home and release it at Stauffer) 
  • USB functions are no longer supported.  Printing is sent directly to Papercut from a device with the PrintQ driver installed.  Scanning is now done via email 
  • Print jobs should be sent prior to logging in at the printer.  There may be a short lag between sending the job and appearing in the Print Release queue (especially during high volume times).
  • Your username and password are your Queen’s Net ID and password.

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