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DBLP: Computer Science Bibliography

DBLP is a bibliographic database covering computer science literature.

Defining Gender, 1450-1910

Defining Gender is a collection of fully digitized rare primary source advice literature covering five centuries between 1450 through 1910.

Dictionary of Canadian Biography

Documents persons who died between the years 1000 and 1930 (covering volumes 1-XV of the ongoing print version) or whose last known date of activity falls within these years. From 1930 to 2000, there are limited biographical coverage.

Dictionary of Irish Biography

Publication coverage: From earliest times to 2015

Biographies of prominent persons born in Ireland, north and south, and also of persons born outside of Ireland with noteworthy Irish careers.

Digital Kingston

A collection of local history texts and images about Kingston and area (Ontario).

Digital Mozart Edition (DME)

The Digital Mozart Edition (DME) aims to process the entire oeuvre of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart (1756–1791) in digital form and make it available to anyone worldwide via the Internet for scientific, private and educational purposes free of charge. It sees itself as a follow-up project to the New Mozart Edition (NMA), which has been published since 1954 and has been available as NMA Online since 2006. DIME is based on the NMA and respects its scientific achievements that have grown over generations, but it is not identical to it in terms of content or appearance.

Digital Theatre Plus

A digital streaming collection of over 1000 full-length films of Shakespeare plays, modern dramas, classical music, dance, musicals, opera and adaptations of classic novels.

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